What inspires me…

10991399_1564346293782236_1064560385358889071_nTrees. Strawberries and of course Gandhi.

Typical responses to a typical question.

I’m Fatima. Fatima Asad. Refused to change my name after marriage as a ways of having that special connection with my daddy. 24 25 years old and alhumdullilah lovin’ life.  My life is anything but remote…plucking me up from my cozy Moorestownian home to the vibrant streets of Pakistan.

Each person’s inspirations are embedded in his or her own life..the people she interacts with, her surroundings, her faith, her children, her house decor…all directly or indirectly inspire her very being.

Today’s inspiration for me: the sound of the mini rikshaw rumbling at midnight in the street behind my house.  Every single night, as the midnight clocks chime, the rikshaw rumbles to drop off its daily traveler.

What inspired you today?



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