[Interview 1/10] Meet: Lewis Lazarow

This Ramadan, I will be unleashing 10 AMAZING interviews.

During my recent travels to New Jersey and Pakistan, I decided I was going to ask people of different backgrounds, religions, and professions the same questions.  The different responses were MIND-BLOWING.

I want my audience to realize that the best way to learn is to learn from those around you.

Everyone has something to teach us!



**Lewis Lazarow**

The LAZ in all his glory Cool Facts:

  • Currently: High School English Teacher at Moorestown High School
  • Went to school at: Penn State, Rutgers University
  • Interact Club Adviser at Moorestown High School (Rotary International)
  • Lives in NJ with his beautiful wife and 2 Kids (daughter adopted from Russia)
  • One of the MOST unique and thought-provoking teachers I have ever had!  (see proof below)
This classroom knows not boredom
This classroom knows not boredom
My AP English Class! 2007
My AP English Class! 2007

Lazarow’s classroom is COVERED in famous and not so famous movie posters from the long gone past.  The ceiling tiles are relics of his past students’ cleverness and artistic skills.  Each graduating English class paints a ceiling tile, paying careful attention to leave specific memories (and get some payback). My Advanced Placement English class started out at about 25 students. By the end of the first school week, all but the bravest (and insane) were ready for the upcoming INSANITY. No seriously, everyone dropped out because well… Lazarow has a certain reputation of being the most impossible teacher at MHS. But hey… I wasn’t there to get an A. I was thirsty for this unique approach to academics and English was my passion.  This tile represents our CRAZY discussions on the concept of time (in literature). IMG_2611 What I LOVE about Laz is his effort and willingness to stay connected to his students in the future.  As seniors finalize their college plans, they place a tag on the infamous map creating a visual trail of college admissions.  I also remember having to write a letter to my future self which I received 5 years later in the mail.  Yeah… he’s a pretty cool English teacher. Questions I asked Lazarow:

  1. How do I find my passion?
  2. What keeps you focused?
  3. What does it mean to be educated?
  4. What is the ONE habit we MUST develop?


lazarow screen shot


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